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They accepted our offer and only changed minor things. We are going through with it. It looks like by the end of summer we will be proud owners of a two bedroom 700 sq ft house on the west side! It has a beautiful stove, but we will need to buy a fridge and a washer and dryer unit. So they will be stacked. That's going to be expensive. For a while it looks like I'll be going to the laundry mat... Or my dads house. Ew.

I got a job. I work 5:30am - 11am at a coffee stand 5 days a week. I get paid so much and it also has tips. The busy times depend on the boat schedule, so that's nice. I kinda want to buy a netbook.

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We put an offer on a house. On island. In our price range. Do you know how rare that is?

That's why the house is only 700 sq ft....

We will make it work if we get it.

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Kaydi got mad at Shawna for being friends with Amy who talked crap about Kaydi. Kaydi screamed and blew up at Shawna for going to a concert with Amy. Shawna and Kaydi are no longer friends after 15 years. I have been distancing myself from Kaydi for a month or two. Shawna and I are friends. I asked Kaydi why she was still in a argument with Shawna, she explained why she hated her. Hours later I get harrased by Kaydi because Shawan told her people have told her that Kaydi is publicly talking crap about her. I didn't tell Shawna anything. That's not my thing. And yet I'm getting harrassed like crazy.


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It's really odd to look at pictures of people I went to high school with holding solo cups and hugging in albums titled "back home for the holidays" or some other nostalgic nonsense. I guess I feel a little...I'm not sure, but I know I'm kinda missing that. But at the same point, if I was friends with the same people from high school still, I'd probably be making a fool of myself on a constant bases.

I have a very short fuse when it comes to Daphne's mother. This woman is handicapped. She can not have a job, she forgets many parts of her day. I love Daphne with all my heart. She calls me mommy, she is my daughter. Long story short, before she was with Harold she dated a guy named Matt. Matt currently lives about 60 miles away..with a guy named Hoot. Hoot is getting married to one of my best friends. Susana has been emailing Matt that she wants to sleep with him and be fuck buddies and that she needs ass. I could care less about that, we all have needs. What I'm not ok with is that she has been asking him to come over and fuck WHEN SHE HAS DAPHNE. Woman, you don't have Daphne during the week, you'd think you would ask him to come over then. But no, she is asking him and saying all these dirty things during the times she has Daphne. To which Daphne says that Susana is always gone. I know trusting a 4 year old probably not the best way to go about this, but I'm pissed.

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I always sit and think "oh, I have this great idea for a post, brb world I'm going to write and ignore everything!". Hahaha right. I think I possibly have the worst follow through in the entire world, which is odd because I was in a self directed self learning alternative high school. I have a list of goals for the new year, and I really hope I follow through on them, but the list is still going through some tweaking. For me it takes about a week to set all my goals, because I'm not going to run around being like "I am going to lose weight and blah blah blah things that are unattainable yay!"

♥ Wake up before the sunrises. I know that on the days that Harold had to get up and go to work at 5am, and I got up with him, I was much more productive. Even now, it's 11:30am and all I've done is feed Kirby, gotten Harold out for work, and done a load of dishes. I know I could get more done if I was more motivated, i.e. waking up earlier.

♥ Feed my family less processed food. For me, that doesn't mean buying things that are "organic" and all the other list of things that boxes at my local grocery store shout at you as you walk down the isle. It means that I'm going to make my own graham crackers, and cheese crackers, and bread. I'm probably still going to buy things like peanut butter cups, chunky soup, and maple syrup (yeah that's one odd list of things right there...), but I'm going to make what I know how to make that will replace what I could buy at the store.

♥ I'm going to be less defensive. I get really defensive really quickly, because I constantly feel like I'm being attacked by everyone and everything. Most of the people I used to be friends with in high school completely turned on me and started saying vile things when I got engaged, and oh golly when I got pregnant hell broke loose. And with the childhood I had, well it isn't a recipe for accepting everything with an open mind and an open heart. I plan on working on changing that.

♥ Write down my recipes. I cook all the time. I don't use cookbooks unless I'm baking or want an idea for something, and even then I change and tweak it. My father once said that Harold should stay married to me for my cooking ALONE, and even Harold says it's one of my best qualities (I'm not going to take offense to that, I'm a really good cook). I'll cook something, it will be amazing, and then Harold will ask for it again and I'll make it, but then a friend will ask for my recipe. I'm stuck. I'll sit there with a pen and paper trying to think of how much of whatever I put into it when I made it, and unless I'm actually making it I can't remember. So, I'm going to start writing down how much I'm putting into something as I'm cooking it. This way I'll have my own little library of recipes to pass down to my kids like my grandmother did for me.

♥ Take daily vitamins. Yeah I don't think I have to go into that.

♥ Post more often. Yeah I pretty much fail at that. I'm going to work on it I swear. I super super swear.

Well, I think it's time for me to crawl out from under my heated blanket, take a shower, and put on a bra. Also, maybe eat something.

Oh, and happy 50th birthday daddy!

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So I have the worst luck with cars. I ended up totaling the volvo. My dad gave me back my old 84 Toyota Camry. We knew the radiator leaked but that was supposed to be it. Then the battery died. We figured out it was the alternator. My dad replaced it. Then the radiator kept over heating and the antifreeze was OOZING out of my car. Needless to say it looked like the Hulk took a huge leak on the front of my car. My dad replaced it. The battery kept dying and we couldn't figure out why. Today my dad said he thought it was the starter. Well, did you know that my car has a freaking LOCK button that actually turns it off? Apparently I've just been putting it into ACC mode all the time, draining the battery. Well I just plugged the charger into it using our makeshift extension cord. It's an extension cord plugged into a light bulb extension cord. I wasn't able to close my hood so I hope it doesn't rain.

We had Harold's family Christmas party on Sunday and I had a lot of fun. I brought Chunn rolls and two pies, and then my white elephant was a baked good basket and Harold donated 4 hours of landscaping. There was a mini debacle about a gift between a 21 year old and a NINE YEAR OLD. It was rediculous. Granted the 21 year old actually needed the object and the nine year old wanted it because it was pretty. But her parents, Harold's brother, didn't do anything. They could have told her that she didn't need it because she just got a $500 puppy for Christmas, but nope, they didn't want to get involved. And the 21 year old didn't need to cry. It was crazy. BUT I GOT A GIFT CERTIFICATE FROM MY SISTER IN LAW TO GET MY HAIR DONE AT HER SALON! It was only for $40 so on Wednesday before I went I counted $30 in QUARTERS. And then I was going to use a gift certificate that I got from the wedding for a manicure but I couldn't find it. Well when I got there she said she would just find a photocopy of it and still did the mani, and now my nails are a super pretty sparkly red. Well she colored my hair, and I told her not to cut it, she cut it. She only charged me the gift certificate! I cried I was so happy. My hair is a really pretty dark dark brown red now. I love it. And she cut it into a super cute bob, and I look like Patty LePone in Gypsy!

I just want to say "trickle charger" until it means nothing, because it always makes me giggle.

I went to the Nutcracker with Carrie. Alexis was mad that I was there. I called some old friends out on not talking to me, and they said it was because I look so different. BS. Also, I ran into someone and they were a two face bitch. Cookoo crazy pants.

Harold gave me a cashmere blend pea coat as an early Christmas present, and I assume it was my big gift. I LOVE IT. Then his mom gave my hats and scarfs like I wanted, and I am so warm and bundled.

Kirby had his first rice cereal. Daphne got to go horse back riding. Today we had a Christmas cookie party. I am so tired. I was snuggles from my man.

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Harold and I keep having fights. They are basically centered around the same thing - he thinks I don't do shit around the house. Well guess what? Today I did massive shit in front of him and he still thinks I didn't do anything. I vaccumed the stairs, cleaned all the baseboards, wind-exed the all the windows (inside and out), and polished all the wood. I'm getting pretty fucking sick of his attitude. UGH.

So I also backed my car into Harold's truck...and now we can't open the trunk and I can't drive it because I bashed out all the rear lights. I wasn't even looking when I backed up into his car. Like, I saw it, but it didn't register as being there. I'm all in my own head lately and it's driving me bonkers.

I'm going to therapy again, and it's helping. I'm breaking down over the littlest things lately, and getting so defensive. It's horrible. I can feel my emotions just going crazy.

There is a girl that I went to high school with but we have never really been friends until recently. OMG she is crazy and horribly selfish. She always bases her sentences around how much she has changed since she had her baby. No you haven't changed. UGH.