Caitlin Marie (groundbeeftaco) wrote,
Caitlin Marie

So I have the worst luck with cars. I ended up totaling the volvo. My dad gave me back my old 84 Toyota Camry. We knew the radiator leaked but that was supposed to be it. Then the battery died. We figured out it was the alternator. My dad replaced it. Then the radiator kept over heating and the antifreeze was OOZING out of my car. Needless to say it looked like the Hulk took a huge leak on the front of my car. My dad replaced it. The battery kept dying and we couldn't figure out why. Today my dad said he thought it was the starter. Well, did you know that my car has a freaking LOCK button that actually turns it off? Apparently I've just been putting it into ACC mode all the time, draining the battery. Well I just plugged the charger into it using our makeshift extension cord. It's an extension cord plugged into a light bulb extension cord. I wasn't able to close my hood so I hope it doesn't rain.

We had Harold's family Christmas party on Sunday and I had a lot of fun. I brought Chunn rolls and two pies, and then my white elephant was a baked good basket and Harold donated 4 hours of landscaping. There was a mini debacle about a gift between a 21 year old and a NINE YEAR OLD. It was rediculous. Granted the 21 year old actually needed the object and the nine year old wanted it because it was pretty. But her parents, Harold's brother, didn't do anything. They could have told her that she didn't need it because she just got a $500 puppy for Christmas, but nope, they didn't want to get involved. And the 21 year old didn't need to cry. It was crazy. BUT I GOT A GIFT CERTIFICATE FROM MY SISTER IN LAW TO GET MY HAIR DONE AT HER SALON! It was only for $40 so on Wednesday before I went I counted $30 in QUARTERS. And then I was going to use a gift certificate that I got from the wedding for a manicure but I couldn't find it. Well when I got there she said she would just find a photocopy of it and still did the mani, and now my nails are a super pretty sparkly red. Well she colored my hair, and I told her not to cut it, she cut it. She only charged me the gift certificate! I cried I was so happy. My hair is a really pretty dark dark brown red now. I love it. And she cut it into a super cute bob, and I look like Patty LePone in Gypsy!

I just want to say "trickle charger" until it means nothing, because it always makes me giggle.

I went to the Nutcracker with Carrie. Alexis was mad that I was there. I called some old friends out on not talking to me, and they said it was because I look so different. BS. Also, I ran into someone and they were a two face bitch. Cookoo crazy pants.

Harold gave me a cashmere blend pea coat as an early Christmas present, and I assume it was my big gift. I LOVE IT. Then his mom gave my hats and scarfs like I wanted, and I am so warm and bundled.

Kirby had his first rice cereal. Daphne got to go horse back riding. Today we had a Christmas cookie party. I am so tired. I was snuggles from my man.
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