Caitlin Marie (groundbeeftaco) wrote,
Caitlin Marie

In February we found out I was pregnant! It was such a crazy thing to even think about because we had just gotten engaged in December. We moved the wedding up to June because the baby was due in September.

I turned 19 in April.

Jill, my future brother-in-laws wife, threw me a really classy wedding shower.

In may, on the same day that Harold Sr died 6 years ago, we found out we were having a little boy.

In June, Harold and I got married.

My dad and his girlfriend Nicole came over the 4th of July.

30 weeks pregnant!

In the end of July, we went to the Little family pig feed.

August 13th we welcomed Kirby! 5.5lbs! Six weeks early.


Daphne got to go horseback riding for the first time and loved it.


We brought in 2011 outside Harold's work, because since he had to work we weren't able to party together, but we were able to kiss at midnight!

Happy 2011!
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